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Georgia Teachers of English to
Speakers of Other Languages
Southeast TESOL Conference Travel Grant

The next SETESOL conference for 2021 will be held in Atlanta; therefore, the grant will remain CLOSED until  Spring of 2022.


Who’s Eligible: Any current Georgia TESOL member.

Purpose: This grant was created to support a teacher or a teacher trainer/supervisor who wishes to attend the SETESOL Convention. 

Amount: up to $2000

Criteria: Applications are examined for evidence of (a) how attendance at the SETESOL convention will further the applicant’s professional development, (b) how attendance will benefit the applicant’s ELL community, (c) demonstrated need of financial assistance to attend the convention, and (d) how the applicant will share what was learned with colleagues in Georgia TESOL.

To Apply:

1) Complete the SETESOL Travel Grant application online by the deadline below.

2) Request one letter of recommendation. The recommendation letter must be submitted directly to the Grants and Awards Chairperson at by the application due date.  The subject line should read “Recommendation Letter for _______ for SETESOL Travel Grant”. 

Due Date: Applications and supporting documents must be completed on or before May 15th.

Review Committee:  Three or more Members-at-Large of the Georgia TESOL Executive Board will conduct a blind review of all complete applications. 

Additional Comments:

1. The grant will be offered on a yearly basis.

2. The Review Committee may recommend dividing the grant between 2 or more recipients.

3. The recipient(s) will be notified by June 15th. Recipients are highly encouraged to register for early bird pricing as available. 

4. A grantee may not reapply for at least three years.

5. The Review Committee may decide that no grant will be provided for a given year.

6. The grantee agrees to write an article related to the experience attending the conference for the Georgia TESOL Newsletter.

7. Grant funds will be dispersed as reimbursement when receipts are submitted to 

  • Below are the questions that applicants will be asked to answer on the online application.

    1. How will attendance at the SE TESOL Regional Convention further your professional development?

    2. How will your attendance benefit your ELL community?

    3. Describe your financial need. Identify all sources of secured and potential funding. For potential funding, include when you expect to know whether or not you will receive that funding.

    4. How will you share what was learned with colleagues in Georgia TESOL?

    Any questions regarding the grant can be directed to the Grants and Awards Committee Chairperson at


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