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Georgia Teachers of English to
Speakers of Other Languages
Community Support Grant

Who’s Eligible: Any Georgia non-profit association working to support ELL teachers and/or students

Purpose: This grant was created to support non profit community organizations who are working to support the interests of ELL professionals and/or ELL students in the state of Georgia.

Amount: $1000

Criteria: Applications are examined for evidence of (a) how the non-profit organization will benefit ELL teachers and/or students, (b) the specific project or event which the funding will support, and (c) demonstrated need of financial assistance.

How to apply:

1) Complete the Community Support Grant application
2) Request one letter of recommendation. The recommendation letter must be submitted directly to the Grants and Awards Chair,  
 by the application due date. Subject line should read "Recommendation letter for _____ for Community Support Grant."

Application Deadline: Applications and recommendation letters must be submitted on or before October 30th.

Review Committee: 

Three or more Members-at-Large of the Georgia TESOL Executive Board will conduct a blind review of all complete applications. 

Additional Comments:

1. These funds will be available on an annual basis.
2. The Review Committee may recommend to award the grant to 2 recipients.
3. The recipient(s) will be notified by November 30th of the application year.

4. Grant funds will be dispersed as reimbursement when receipts are submitted to 


Georgia TESOL

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