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Strategies for Teaching Reading Online

  • 03/02/2021 9:33 AM
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    Greetings Fellow Teachers!

    Our survey results provided a clear direction for this group and what future Development meetings will be about. However, let's continue using this forum to exchange tips and ideas that we can use on a daily basis. 

    I love watching refresher videos from teachers and teacher-trainers. One I watched this morning about teaching reading online is from 

    In the video, five tips were given to make teaching reading online more engaging. 

    1. Use your warm-up to "create a need to read". Stimulate student curiosity about the topic.

    2. Make sure the topic is "relevant" to your student(s). (social media, blogs, life hacks, parenting, dating--consider your students' interests)

    3. Choose or make authentic materials. Don't be afraid to adapt existing materials for your class (blogs, online articles, etc.). It takes time and prep but will be well worth it. 

    4. Find creative ways to make reading collaborative for classes with more than one student. (ex: jigsaw reading, story strips, etc.) You will need to be well-organized in advance and give clear instructions. 

    5. (My favorite for intermediate B1 students and above!) Have students create comprehension questions. Yes/No, True/False, Wh- questions. 

    Please share additional tips that you use to make teaching reading to adults stimulating and interactive.



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