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Concurrent Sessions from Presenters 

The following is a list of the Concurrent Sessions from the 2017 36th Annual GATESOL Conference.  Some of the Presenters shared their presentations with GATESOL, and we linked them to their respective session titles (see highlighted). 

Disclaimer:  These presentations highlight the research and practices of the Presenters' work environments and is not necessarily what is mandated by the State or Department of Education.   Each district/county may handle their populations differently.

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We appreciate ALL Presenters! 

2017 TESOL Advocacy and Policy Summit

Academic Language in Reading Assessment and Instruction

Act Locally, Think Globally, Read and Write Critically

American College Students’ Cross-Cultural Teaching Abroad Experience in South Korea

An Introduction to Georgia's Dual Language Immersion Model and How It Supports English Learners, Transient Student Populations and Literacy for All Learners

An Opportunity to Deepen Cultural Proficiency in Oaxaca, Mexico

Beverly Benson Travel Grant: TESOL International Conference 2016 & 2017

Beyond the Classroom: Leveraging EFL Teaching to Serve Institutional Mission

Beyond the School Bell:  Developing Programs for ELL Families

Broadway in the Classroom:  Using Show Tunes for Teaching Adults

Bye Bye Boring Bell Ringers! Moving Beyond Kahoot

Class Not Chaos!

Content Based Writing for ELs

Create an Online RTI for ELs Folder using OneNote with the Basics and Template

Creating Cultural Proficiency in Content Literacy Teaching

Developing Learners’ Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills in an IEP

Differentiated Instruction --- Differentiated!

Dysfunction Between L2 Graduate Students and Their Advisors

Engagement, Not Activism:  Suggestions on Influencing Your Local Government Representatives

Engaging Beginner Readers Using Social Injustice Throughout History

Engaging Refugee Families in the Classroom and Beyond

English Learners’ Acquisition of Academic Language to Obtain Reading Comprehension Skills

Equitable Possibilities Through a Critique of Published ELL Stories

ESOL Instruction: Revitalized

ESOL Leaders:  Developing an ESOL Professional Development Training Module

Examining the Physical Training Metaphor in ESL Instruction

Family Achievement Makes Excellence - Opening Doors for ESOL Families

Higher Education w/GATESOL

Identifying Academic English Proficiency Skills to Target Classroom Instruction

Integrated Strategies for All-Age Beginners - Modeled with Picture Books

K-12 Session w/Steve Cawthon, WIDA Certified Trainer

Leveraging Language for Learning in Content Classrooms

Moving Towards Being More Culturally Responsive

Now That You Got ‘Em, What Do You Do with ‘Em?

PERU TESOL/Georgia TESOL Convention 2017 Travel Grant:  Learn and Share Filling in Foundational Gaps:  Structures and Strategies for Emergent English Learners

Players behind the curtain: Course Logic study of Graduate Level Academic Writing Program at Texas Tech University

Practical and Effective Methods to Engage English Learner Families in Schools

Pre-Instructional Activities: Fun and Engaging Ways to Welcome Students with Activities

Preparing English Language Learners for Academic Writing: A Functional Linguistic Approach  with Lesson Plans

Pre-Service Teachers’ Experiences of International TESOL Practicum in South Korea

Putting the S.W.I.R.L. in Mathematics: Activities and Strategies for Building Academic Language in Mathematics

SLDS Introducing: The New "EL-ement" in SLDS!

Standards-Based Assessment for ESL/EFL Program Accreditation

Strategies to Encounter and Comprehend Complex Texts

Teach Abroad with the English Language Fellow Program

Teaching and Developing Giftedness in English Learners

The Challenge of Change – Middle School Reading Success

The Seal of Biliteracy and the Drive Toward Building Linguistic and Cultural Proficiencies

The Transnational Classroom: A Challenge for Educators

Together We Are Better: Co-Teaching ELLs within the General Education Setting

Translanguaging in Content Classes:  A Study of a Trilingual Preschooler

US Department of State’s Worldwide English Language Programs

Warm Ups for Everyone

Ways of Knowing in a Mexican Transnational Family in Sandy Springs, Georgia

What are the Effects of Being Labeled as an EL?

What Do Evidence-Based Practices Look Like Under ESSA?

Where Are the English Learners in Georgia Colleges?

Zoo Phonics - Integrating Visual and Kinesthetic for English Learners

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